Reflections on Studying the Past – Meddyliau ar Astudio’r Gorffennol

We have again chosen a broad topic which speakers can approach from all angles:

This year, it is ‘Facing Power’ – inviting questions about interactions with power and the powerful, and how they are regulated, channelled, communicated and performed. We acknowledge that ‘power’ can be understood in many different ways, and our speakers are offering us very different ways of thinking about that topic.

Please join us on Mondays, 5pm UK time (GMT), at this zoom link:

Meeting ID: 970 8915 4536. Passcode: 093854

8th November: Mark Humphries (Swansea) The Shadow of Constantinople: the new Rome and the Old from Constantine to Constans II

15th November (in association with OLCAP): Beatrice Pestarino  (University of Haifa) ‘Power elites and secret police in the classical Cypriot city-kingdoms’

22nd November: Mai Musie (Oxford) ‘The King and I: Political Power Games in the Ancient Novel’

29th November: Maria Pretzler (Swansea) United against Persia? Spartans and Peloponnesians in the early fifth century

6th December  (in association with OLCAP): Erica Angliker (Institute of Classical Studies, London University) Power, Religion and Natural Resources: Insights on the Cult of Apollo Delios on the Cyclades

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