Reflections on Studying the Past – Meddyliau ar Astudio’r Gorffennol

Department of History, Heritage and Classics

History Research Seminars

Wednesday, 24 November 2021 1.15pm

Bringing History and Heritage Alive for/with Young People

Dr Tracy Breathnach, Research Officer, Department of History, Heritage and Classics, Swansea University

In this seminar Dr Tracy Breathnach discusses the co-productive methodology she uses to engage young people and children with history and heritage. With a strong emphasis on co-production and authorship within her work, she uses a wide range of creative approaches to engage young people holistically.

The seminar will be structured around three case studies:

Tracy is a Research Officer based in CHART (Centre for Heritage Research and Training, Swansea University) and delivers a range of public engagement projects. Tracy has been working with young people for over 20 years, having trained originally as a Drama teacher, she has worked extensively in schools and has been part of a number of teacher training and curriculum development initiatives. In the past 6 years she has worked as a project manager on heritage projects in south Wales that engage young people and explore site, narrative, identity and place attachment.

All events begin at 1.15pm and take place online


Seminar sponsored by CHART

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